UCAN Go Testing Workshops

The first two user testing workshops of the UCAN Go project took place on the 7th and 21st of February.  Thirteen Visually Impaired users and five fully sighted users (wearing simspecs) attended the workshops to test the app and we are pleased to say that the initial reaction to the app was positive.  Participants first answered questions about their Visual Impairment and symptoms, how they find navigating a building independently, personal preference about how they get around buildings and if they think this app could be useful and why.  This information will be crucial in helping the project to develop a persona for the app that will best suit everyone.  Participants then went on to navigate a route using the first pilot of the UCAN GO app, and gave feedback on language, navigation, audio instructions and design.  We’re pleased to say that the majority were very positive!  Using the information collected from the meetings with mobility officers, the UCAN team also put together a few games to test people’s knowledge and ability to use mobility language and perception of distance.

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