3rd Steering Group Meeting

The third steering group meeting of the RE-DrAW research consortium took place in the G506 Video-conference facility  (USW – Treforest campus)

Attendees : Hamish Fyfe, David Frohlich (voice conference), Elin Jones (Video), Rob Ashelford, Daniel Cunliffe,  Andreas Vlachidis

The group discussed issues relating to

  1. A quick update on the project selection process
  2. The AHRC showcase experience
  3. Progress update: 1st Cohort of funded project
  4. Allocation of project research led: 2nd Cohort of funded projects
  5. Pre-2nd Workshop half/day meeting between the appointed research leads and 2nd Cohort project members
  6. 2nd RnD Workshop: Time/Place and Availabilities
  7. Update on project deadlines – milestones
  8. Financial arrangements and expenditure claims forms.