UCAN GO August Blog Post

Two thirds of the way through the project, I can’t believe it, the months are flying by!  This month has definitely been busy but we’ve finally slowed down enough to reflect on the past few months.

We have achieved a lot since completing our user testing workshops at the Wales Millennium Centre and Torch Theatre and it was great to sit down with everyone and review all that we have learnt.  We met with Jo Reid from Calvium, David and Jocelyn from the ReDraw Research Consortium and Rob from Nesta, at the Pervasive Media Studio in Bristol.  We spent time looking at the results of the research from the user testing and reviewing a few of the route finding video’s.  We also discussed how we would use the data collected to help us develop the app, how we were going to continue collecting research and valuable feedback from testers and what sort of feedback would be beneficial.  We spent time looking at the interface design of the app, which was very exciting as we got to see what the app logo might look like and we also began to consider the symptoms research.  Going forward, Mared and myself will be helping David and Jocelyn to analyse and understand this data to pass on our findings to Jo and Calvium, which they can use to make the app more accessible. The day helped everybody to understand what their roles were moving forward towards the final stages of the project and what we need and want to achieve before the app goes native.

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