UCAN GO September Blog Post

This month we got a dose of reality when we discovered that our final content deadline was fast approaching. We only have two months left to deliver all final content to Calvium! How did this happen? Where did the time go?  We are on track and things are coming together but the realisation of what we’re doing has really hit home. The reality is that this app could be so beneficial, so inspiring and so empowering to so many people. It could give anyone of us the freedom to visit arts venues with more confidence. We could feel liberated that with the aid of technology, we can all be put on an equal playing field. We all have rights, and having our various beautiful arts venues made accessible to all is certainly our right. The potential is huge and so are the benefits. This is what we’re excited about!

Last week we met Jo and Danielle to discuss the ‘Route’ function. Danielle is a member of the Calvium team who is working with us on developing the routing system for the venues. She is a coder and together they have come up with a very clever and intricate way of navigating and directing people indoors. They shared this with us last week and I have to say it’s brilliant! Even non technical minds can understand their system!

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