UCAN GO October Blog Post

October has been a busy month with a few big realizations! Firstly, we are now nearing the end of the project and we will soon have a fully functioning app. This is extremely exciting! Secondly, we still have quite a bit to do in a short space of time. Never the less since seeing the first version of what will be the finished app, we have been getting more and more excited each time we get a new update.

We have achieved a lot during theis month, from beginning to spread the word about the app to collecting all the necessary content for the Wales Millennium Centre.

At the beginning of the month Jane and I met with Hannah Rowlatt, Digital Inclusion Officer at RNIB Cymru and Robin Spinks, Principal Manager, Digital Accessibility at RNIB. We discussed the development of the app and enquired about the possibility of Welsh Siri. This was a very productive and positive meeting to have been a part of, and hearing such wonderful feedback about the app is really encouraging. It was also great to hear that we had support in beginning to campaign and look in to the addition of a Welsh Siri.

Through the combination of support from RNIB letting us use their recording studio and utilizing the fantastic skill of UCAN’s sound technician, we were able to complete all recordings of both the Wales Millennium Centre and Torch Theatre Overview sections of the app.

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