Prof Hamish Fyfe (University of South Wales)

hamish_fyfeProfessor of the Arts and Society at the USW School of Creative & Cultural Industries. He is also the Director of the George Ewart Evans Centre for Storytelling. The centre is working on projects linking technology with storytelling for social change. He has research expertise in documenting the social impacts of the arts/ the performativity of social life and the co-production of interactive digital platforms encouraging social participation and knowledge-sharing. Fyfe was an adviser to the Creative Partnerships initiative in England and is an Adviser to Arts Council of Wales. Fyfe is currently director of CEWN, a project focusing on fostering knowledge exchange between academic communities and other organisations.

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Prof Khalid Al-Begain (University of South Wales)
Academic Collaborator

khalid_al-begainKhalid Al-Begain is a Professor of Mobile Computing and Networking and his research spans all aspects of mobile and wireless networking and applications. In the last 20 years, he has led significant R&D projects for wireless network planning and optimisation as well as protocol development. Recently, Al-Begain has been conducting research on the performance modelling of telecommunication systems and networks. Al-Begain’s research focuses on applying new and existing modelling techniques to state-of-the-art technologies in communications. He is also Directs the Centre for Excellence in Mobile Applications and Services (CEMAS).

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Prof David Frohlich (University of Surrey)
Academic Collaborator

david_frohlichDavid Frohlich is the current Director of The Digital World Research Centre (DWRC) and Professor of Interaction Design He joined the Centre in January 2005 to establish a new research agenda on user-centred innovation in digital media technology. Current work includes a mixture of PhD and Research Council projects exploring a variety of new media futures relating to digital storytelling, personal media collections, and community news and arts. Prior to joining Digital World, David worked for 14 years as a senior research scientist at HP Labs, conducting user studies to identify requirements and test new concepts for mobile, domestic and photographic products. DWRC aims to generate, commercialize and apply the findings of research in different cultural contexts around the world. The Centre has a 15-year track record of working with technology companies, arts organisations and third sector organisations in using technology within society and generating novel innovations.

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Dr Daniel Cunliffe (University of South Wales)
Academic Collaborator

daniel cunliffeDr Daniel Cunliffe leads the Computing and Minority Languages Group (USW), investigating aspects of the relationship between minority languages and Information Technology since 2000. Daniel has published a number of papers and book chapters on a variety of topics relating to the use of the Welsh language online.He has been Associate Editor then Co-Editor of The New Review of Hypermedia and Multimedia since 1997. Areas of his current research include: minority culture and minority language communities online; Web sites for bilingual users; the language behaviour of bilingual users in online environments; and issues of internationalisation, localisation and indigenous production. The extent to which Internet based technologies pose both a threat and an opportunity for minorities is of particular interest.

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Prof Elin Haf Jones (Aberystwyth University)
Academic Collaborator

elin_jonesDirector of the Mercator Institute for Media and Director of Knowledge Exchange and External Partnerships and Research Leader of the Welsh Theatre and Media Research Group. Research Interests include Minority/Minoritised Language Media, Media and Arts Policy, Sociolinguistics of Media, Identity and Politics of Media, Media Compliance and Regulation, Online and Social Media, Creative Translation, Multilingual Media Practices.

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Dr Andreas Vlachidis (University of South Wales)
Research Assistant

andreas_vlachidisAndreas is a Research Assistant in the Hypermedia Research unit at the University of South Wales. He has recently completed his PhD in the area of natural language processing (NLP), producing semantic annotations conforming to the CIDOC CRM ontology. Currently is involved in the European project “Ariadne” researching the multilingual application of NLP for the semantic indexing of archaeological resources. He has previously worked as Division Leader for Computing Courses at North College in Thessaloniki and as ICT Developments Manager in the eCommerce domain

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