Please Switch on Your Mobile Phones – TaikaBox

The project aims to create new digital tools that can be integrated into the creation of a new production model that breaks out of the time/place-limited audience of a standard theatrical performance. Using mobile platforms, the project aims to connect with two types of audience; i) to engage more deeply with the audience in the venue ii) simultaneously involve a global audience, expanding the geographic and temporal limits of theatrical performance, and creating a way for audiences to feel more connected with a dance performance.


Taikabox: TaikaBox is a not-for-profit organisation based in Cardiff, run by Tanja Råman (choreographer) and John Collingswood (artist). TaikaBox’s creative philosophy is one of integrating dance and technology to create artwork which connects with audiences on a number of levels

Technology Provider

Moon Digital Studio: Moon is a Cardiff based digital studio founded by Will Richards and Andrew Price. The studio creates interactive experiences for the changing landscape of Web, Mobile, Tablet, TV and other connected devices.

Research Lead