Tocyn – An Ethical Box Office

The project aims to fuse concert and event ticketing with crowdfunding technology, creating an ethical digital box office that democratises localised arts funding through the pledging of booking fees.  We will provide a platform where promoters, venues and the public can work together to add to the cultural landscape and provide valuable arts funding and activity within our communities.  We will be able to contribute data on what arts activities are valuable to the general public by their pledges to campaigns and encourage others to think differently about how they can raise the funds needed to contribute their diverse creativity and culture to the public good.


Community Music Wales (CMW)is Wales’s leading music charity with 21 years experience of running music activity throughout Wales and the wider world. We believe that music can transform lives. Music making can be educational, informative and empowering, but it should always be enjoyed. Creative music making is central to CMW and its objectives.  We believe strongly in working in partnership and collaboratively with multi-disciplinary arts for the benefit of individuals and their communities.

Technical Partner

ZEQUS are thought leaders and pioneers in the crowdfunding space.  They are developers of crowdfunding technology that gives anyone the chance to make their ideas happen in fields such as music, film, fashion, charity and more.

Research Leads