2nd Steering Group Meeting

The second steering group meeting of the RE-DrAW research consortium took place in the Post Graduate Research centre (USW – Treforest campus)

Attendees : Hamish Fyfe, Khalid Al-Begain, Douglas Tudhope, David Frohlich (on phone), Elin Jones (on phone), Andreas Vlachidis

The group discussed issues relating to i) Schedule of events for the next three months – deadlines, timetables, current update, ii) The next tranche of projects – details, locations, iii)Draft final research report – suitability for Wales, iv) 2nd collaborative workshop, v) Operational requirements – lessons from the end of last term, visits, ‘team’ attachments for the next round of projects, filming and dissemination vi)The AHRC Showcase event in March, confirmation of those attending, vii) Financial update